Hi, I'm Naman.

I love making ideas come to life with code. I'm a huge fan of Golang and TypeScript.

I'm currently interested in blockchain programming and system design. I also enjoy reading in my free time.
Based in San Diego, CA.


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I wrote this software to serve as a hub for my minecraft plugins. The software allowed my users to purchase, download, review, and get support for plugins. It was built using TypeScript, React, and Next.js on the frontend. For the backend, I used TypeScript again, Express, and MongoDB. Using the same programming language across both the frontend and backend allowed me to share code between the two, which was a huge productivity boost. I could share types easily and even share some utility functions for things like validation. Which can be a really big deal when you are building so many endpoints, and you don't want discrepancies between the frontend and backend's validation. I also used Docker to containerize the application and Nginx to serve the frontend. I used BunnyCDN for delivering the software downloads & images for resources, users, and other icons.

There is also a feature to allow external users to upload their own software and monetize it. I built support for this using Stripe Connect, this allowed users to directly recieve payouts to their bank account. There is also a system for creating coupons, sales, and managing licenses. My platform took a 3% fee on all sales. If a creator uses CI/CD, I also built a webhook system to allow updating the software automatically on the marketplace.